Walking With Suzie: Reflections From Her Mom

Starting this journey with the name Walking With Suzie brings back many happy memories spent with our developmentally disabled daughter through the years.

In the early years, we would go outside and I would walk up and down the road with her in front of me, pushing one foot and then the other trying to teach her to walk.  She never learned to walk without assistance. She probably wouldn’t have walked at all if I hadn’t taken those little strolls with her. 

I would sing songs and push her little feet, first one and then the other and she would giggle and enjoy the fresh air.  Watching her sister ride back and forth on her tricycle, we would just enjoy spending lazy afternoons together.

Some might wonder why I bothered to work with her like that knowing that she probably would never walk independently. I guess you could chalk it up to a young mother’s stubbornness or a hopeful spirit, but to me it was all joy.  Suzie enjoyed the exercise and the sunshine. 

And, I thoroughly enjoyed encouraging her to use her muscles and work toward a goal, even though it might seem unreachable.

It’s always, always, always worth the effort to try to encourage our children to reach for the heights, they just might surprise us and attain goals way beyond our wildest dreams.

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