She Couldn’t Speak, But When She Smiled And Sang, You Knew She Loved You


I don’t remember the moment I met my cousin Suzie, as I was only three years older. When I was young, I would often go over to play with Suzie and her older sister, Casey at their house. Suzie would crawl around following Casey and I wherever we would go. Sometimes Suzie would have seizures while we were playing. It became routine that I would hold Suzie during her seizures, while Casey ran to get my Aunt Ginny.

Suzie had such a special way of showing everyone that she loved you. She couldn’t speak, but when she would smile and sing, you knew she loved you. This love that Suzie gave me, made me choose to go into the field to work with kids with special needs. I see her love in the students I work with every day. I thank God for the gift of Suzie!

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