Love Is About Taking Special Time To Be With Each Other


I have many sweet memories of Suzie. One of the most special was how she and I would rock and snuggle. She enjoyed rocking, as did I, and I would spend a lot of time rocking and singing or reading to her. She would use her thumb to point to a picture and I would tell her about it or she would try to turn the page and I would turn it even if we weren’t done with that page.  Then when she got tired we would just rock and I would rub her arm, she held it in a certain way so I knew that she wanted it rubbed. Maybe she did that for everyone, maybe just for me? After I went to college, I did not get to see Suzie as much and I worried she would forget who I was. This about the same time she moved to her group home so I didn’t see her much because we didn’t get home at the same time. 

After some time we were home at the same time and I stopped to see her. I hadn’t seen her for at least a year and I was sure she wouldn’t remember me. I talked and sang with her and after a while, she leaned into me and held her arm that same old way and I rubbed it just like I used to. I do believe she remembered me and all the time we spent just snuggling. Suzie taught me a lot about taking the time to be with someone, even if it is only singing, reading or rubbing their arm. Love is about the time we take to spend with each other, not necessarily what you are doing but just taking some special time to be with each other.

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