Enjoying Suzie’s Victories

A funny little story that I love to think about when I remember Suzie as a small child might make you smile. My husband and I have reminisced about this story many times over the years and shared it when we talked to other people about the joy of parenting a disabled child.

Suzie never learned to crawl. She just couldn’t get the hang of it even though I worked with her as I had our other children. I would push her knees up under her hips and try to show her how to move her hands but invariably she would end up face down on the floor.

Even though she didn’t seem to understand the concept of crawling, 

I would put her down on the carpeted floor with toys just out of reach to encourage her to wiggle and skootch to get to her favorite plaything.

She eventually learned to roll all over the living room and down the hallway leading to the bedrooms. One day she was laying in the hall giggling gleefully. I walked down the hall when I heard her to find out what was so funny.

She was staring at the electrical socket and laughing hysterically.  I was puzzled at first trying to figure out what was so funny. Then I looked at the socket and realized that from her vantage point on the floor they looked like funny little faces saying OOOO! Priceless!

Suzie taught me that day to see things in a different light. She taught me to find joy in the simplest things and yes, to stop and just enjoy her little victories.  She found a little playmate that day and her name was “Socket.”

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