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Happy Birthday to Suzie!

October is Suzie’s birthday month. She was born on the 29th. There was nothing unique about her birth that would have caused concern about her well being. It was only later as she was not reaching developmental milestones that we began to question things. At her 18 month check up, the doctor matter of factly […]

We Do The Best We Can With The Information We Have

Suzie’s birthday was October 29th. She started school when she was still 2 years old.  Each school day, I would take her to the bus stop and put her on the big bus with all the other children.  I remember calling the bus office and telling them that she would need a seatbelt because she […]

Enjoying Suzie’s Victories

A funny little story that I love to think about when I remember Suzie as a small child might make you smile. My husband and I have reminisced about this story many times over the years and shared it when we talked to other people about the joy of parenting a disabled child. Suzie never […]

Walking With Suzie: Reflections From Her Mom

Starting this journey with the name Walking With Suzie brings back many happy memories spent with our developmentally disabled daughter through the years. In the early years, we would go outside and I would walk up and down the road with her in front of me, pushing one foot and then the other trying to […]

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