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Inside Suzie

Inside Suzie is an imaginative story about the inner feelings of a beautiful, severely disabled little girl named Suzie. Although communication is difficult for her, Suzie was given a very special gift. Her spirit is filled with love, patience, and joy.

Hi Everyone, This is Ginny Pettit. I would like to encourage you to purchase “Inside Suzie” for someone special in your life. You may have a teacher or the parents of a special needs child in your family or group of friends. Or, you may have a disabled child or grandchild yourself. Suzie’s story will certainly touch and inspire you and your family and friends.

Experience has shown, that children relate deeply with Suzie and empathize with her difficulty in communicating her needs. Everyone has experienced frustration because of an inability to be understood. “Inside Suzie” can help children and the adults in their lives see that we all have something wonderful to share with the world no matter what challenges we may face.


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"Inside Suzie" was written about the early childhood of our daughter, Suzie. Suzie was a sweet and lovable child, and although she was severely disabled, Suzie was cherished by her parents, 5 siblings and countless extended family members. In our family, it went without saying that Suzie was the favorite grandchild, sister, niece, and cousin. Suzie brought our family together and taught us how to love, to give and to share. We were incredibly blessed by her presence in our lives. I hope that her story will be a blessing to you.


My book, "Inside Suzie" poured out of my heart when our daughter, Suzie was around 8 years old. At that time, I shared the book, illustrated only with snapshots of Suzie, amongst family and friends. Somehow the timing didn't seem right to send the book out into the world. Our beloved Suzie passed away in 2014 at the age of 40. With the artistic talent of her younger sister, Joey, we were able to prepare her story for publication. Joey and I are thrilled with how the book turned out. We thank Christian Faith Publishing for believing in the potential of Suzie's story to touch hearts. Our dream is that "Inside Suzie" will open dialog about the importance of cherishing life and those we are given to nurture and love.

Suzie Stories

WRITTEN BY JENI HOON (SUZIE’S COUSIN) I don’t remember the moment I met my cousin Suzie, as I was only three years older. When I was young, I would often go over to play with Suzie and her older sister, Casey at their house. Suzie would crawl around following Casey and I wherever we would […]

WRITTEN BY GLENDA KEMNITZ (SUZIE’S SISTER) The first time I met Suzie, she changed my life. I can remember it as though it were yesterday, although it was almost 40 years ago. I was a foster child who had seen some pretty bad abuse and had some emotional baggage to prove it. In the last year and a […]

WRITTEN BY PATTY HOWARD (SUZIE’S COUSIN) I have many sweet memories of Suzie. One of the most special was how she and I would rock and snuggle. She enjoyed rocking, as did I, and I would spend a lot of time rocking and singing or reading to her. She would use her thumb to point to a […]


October is Suzie’s birthday month. She was born on the 29th. There was nothing unique about her birth that would have caused concern about her well being. It was only later as she was not reaching developmental milestones that we began to question things. At her 18 month check up, the doctor matter of factly […]

Suzie’s birthday was October 29th. She started school when she was still 2 years old.  Each school day, I would take her to the bus stop and put her on the big bus with all the other children.  I remember calling the bus office and telling them that she would need a seatbelt because she […]

A funny little story that I love to think about when I remember Suzie as a small child might make you smile. My husband and I have reminisced about this story many times over the years and shared it when we talked to other people about the joy of parenting a disabled child. Suzie never […]

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